un-boringly creative.

Experienced graphic designer, art director, copywriter and illustrator for your advertising, identities, and illustrations.

I've got over 45 years of experience as a designer and writer developing advertising, identities and logos for businesses, PR firms & ad agencies, personal injury firms, technology companies, attractions, and consultants.

I listen carefully and work professionally, honoring deadlines and budgets. My work is un-boringly creative and thoroughly figured out. And, I work naturally remotely -- with video, via the phone, or even in person. It's a great time for a new identity or advertising campaign!

My un-boring creative thinking for you is guaranteed. If you don't like my initial creative sketches on our first project together, we'll part company at no cost to you. I'll return your deposit. You have no risk.

Making phone contact is a breeze. Call me @ 321-536-5379.
Have something new you're working on? Need help on a project? Overwhelmed? Want to chat about something you're thinking about? Call 321-536-5379