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About Steve Hall

Home office

Workspace on Merritt Island. Complete with loud bird (only during phone calls, of course), old world-order globe, ancient pre-computer CMYK color book [left], my work desk, and drawing table.

My long days at my home office under the Covid-19 restrictions on Merritt Island weren't much different than my time at my office pre-Covid. Now that fall is here, things have started to lighten up and clients are talking about new things again.

My writing and design philosophy is to keep things simple and speak as directly as possible to the audience and client that I'm writing and designing for.

Clients have been with me for many years (one over 25).

What I do, fees, markup, billing, and my first project guarantee.

Simply put, I write, design, illustrate and provide art direction services on a project basis.

I listen well, absorb quickly, ask for clarification when I'm not sure, offer a different point of view if I need to, work quickly, and deliver on time and on budget.

I'm not an ad agency, printer, coder, signmaker, media buyer, or social media guru (there are plenty of talented people that do these things and you'll find them online or near you).

I am fee-only and work on a project basis. Big or small, the size of the project is unimportant. You'll receive an estimate from me, even if the fee is $1 or two. If I order something on your behalf I don't add a % markup and the vendor will invoice you directly. I think I'm a bargain.

If, for any reason, you don't care for my initial creative work on our first project together, we'll part company at no cost to you. I'll return your deposit. You have no risk.

My personal timeline resume.

I understand that resumes are serious business. I don't mean to make light of resumes that are regularly edited and carefully crafted.

One of my professors at the University I graduated from a few years ago (yes, I went back to college at 62) kept a fully loaded 3" binder behind his desk with 'Current Academic Resume' in the clear plastic spine. I have no idea what a 40 year old man or woman compiles as a resume over their career, but if this is the new norm, I am way, way behind. By the time he's 60 he'll have multiple volumes.

I've come to the conclusion that as we get older our personal and life experiences begin to intertwine with our work successes and experiences. It's a good thing.

People we know, events from years ago, and places we've visited all enter the conversation as we talk about new projects. These are part of the dialogue.

So, I'm taking the bull by the horns.

Maybe you or someone you know is from Cape Cod, or lived in Coconut Grove, or graduated from high school in 1970 or from UCF in 2016, almost went to Woodstock, surfed every day as a teenager, or remember where they were when Elvis died.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Steve Hall

My vertical timeline resume:
Making phone contact is a breeze. Call me @ 321-536-5379.
Have something new you're working on? Need help on a project? Overwhelmed? Want to chat about something you're thinking about? I'd love to hear from you.