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About Steve Hall

Home office

My Workspace. Complete with loud bird (only during important phone calls, of course), old world-order globe that's a constant reminder that the world doesn't stay in one place forever, an ancient CMYK color book [left], my work desk, and drawing table.

What I do:

I draw, design, illustrate and provide art direction services on a fee-only project basis.

My resume.

One of my professors at the University I graduated from a few years ago (yes, I graduated from college at 64; bucket list thing) kept two fully loaded 3" binders behind his desk with 'Current Academic Resume I' and ''Current Academic Resume II'  in the clear plastic spines. I now have a rough idea idea of what what a 40 year old academic compiles as a resume over their career. If this is the new norm, I've missed the boat.

I've worked with huge corporations, giant foundations, major banks, and the biggest and best law firms. I'm grateful for their support of my creative work.

My resume is the graphic below.

And, BTW, I looking forward to hearing from you,

Steve Hall

My vertical graphic resume:
Making phone contact is a breeze. Call me @ 321-536-5379.
Have something new you're working on? Need help on a project? Overwhelmed? Want to chat about something you're thinking about? Call 321-536-5379