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Upchurch Watson is a leading SE U.S. mediation law firm

Upchurch Watson is a Southeast US mediation and arbitration firm headquartered in Daytona Beach with offices throughout the southeast.
'Forks in the Road' separates the firm from their competitors. with style and humor.

Leesfield Scolaro national advertising in Trial Magazine

How better to say 'Florida' than with a deliciously photographed glass of orange juice?
Ira Leesfield seeks creative new ways every month to advertise Leesfield Scolaro's successful expertise in handling Florida Personal Injury cases. The firm advertises and mails nationally and to selected states.

Local magazine ad promoting tire sales at auto repair firm on Merritt Island, FL

Jimmie Vickers Auto Repair & Tires tied their tire sales to Brevard County families with this quick, humorous tongue-in-cheek full-page adv.

Advertising for statewide pump, lighting, and irrigation company

Central Pro announced their new name and identity to their clients through this full page ad than ran in Florida trade publications.

Example of Covid-era series of SmartAdvocate emails

SmartAdvocate is the nation's premier case management cloud software, providing remote access to case information to firm lawyers and their support staff.
Their business boomed during Covid-19.
This email campaign included 5 additional versions.

Outdoor advertising for local dental office

After completing Herbeck Dental's new visual and advertising identity in early 2020, Covid-19 put the brakes on their advertising campaign rollout for over a year.

2021 provided a fresh opportunity to re-introduce this 35 year old practice to the community. Outdoor advertising on a major travel artery provided exposure to a their fresh Covid-Ready campaign message.

As the client and I developed their new branding campaign I recommended that we produce a simple, multi-page brochure that would re-introduce their clients and prospects to the full range of services they offer.

For example, my exposure to Dr. Herbeck's practice is primarily through regular cleanings. I was surprised by the depth of the practice services. Typical of his patients, I'm sure.

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