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Is that a real dinosaur watching a child play with plastic dinosaurs?

What would a real dinosaur think if it came upon a small child in the woods playing with a miniature plastic version of itself?

Brevard Zoo Exhibit illustration and signing

Created 18 illustrations, signing design, and donor recognition theming for the new Brevard Zoo Tropical Rainforest exhibit. Very exciting project.

Dinosaurs watching our for a small child on a wooded path

My grandson and I will walk into the woods near his Indiana home looking for dinosaurs. I drew this illustration and ordered a big canvas blowup for his bedroom.

Spacemen, a dinosaur, and kids in a tree house!

What more excitement would a child want in his own backyard!?

Editorial art asking the timeless question about asparagus

A friend of mine threw out the idea for this New Yorker style cartoon and I drew it up. Very funny, I think.

Child riding a fast Tyrannosaurus Rex through the woods

I don't know about you, but what kid wouldn't love this.

Couple enjoying a cup of coffee pre-Covid-19

Nice illustration for use in social media, print, and client presentation. I guess they'd need masks and a sheet of plastic between them these days.

What are the sharks thinking about during Shark Week?

This editorial cartoon asked the question and the nearby bathers are none the wiser.

Editorial cartoon remind us about how hurricanes are covered on TV

I know, I know. We should all be extra careful and prepared before a hurricane. But this is generally how things work out as the TV channels try to milk the last sensational tidbit -- and adv dollar -- they can muster.

Capybara signing during installed at the Brevard Zoo

Check out the link to 'Draw a Capybara' in the navigation bar. I did 18 of these drawings and the signing design for the Brevard Zoo.

Giant Anteater illustration & signing at Melbourne Florida's Brevard Zoo

There's no point in drawing a photo-perfect picture of an animal you'll enjoy 10 feet away. This is part of my interpretive, gestural series of 18 animals for the Brevard Zoo's new Tropical Rainforest exhibit.

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