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Dental office logo

Dental office undergoing a family transition + Covid.
The promise of a big smile for life was the simple concept. It's an easy to apply logo; everything from signing, printed materials, web site, and social media.

Most dental office logos I see have a tooth as the anchor graphic, which seems oddly repetitive since the word Dental or Dentistry is in the practice name. I thought, "what's the best outcome we hope for as patients?" Clearly a happy smile as far as I'm concerned. The added plus of this idea is that the colon and right parenthesis :) is a universal symbol for joy and happiness.

Viera Company development Borrows West

Logo and identity for a large Viera Company contemporary commercial project in West Brevard County.

I've done a number of project logos for developers. This is my current favorite. It works in print, on-line, and signing. The font is simple and direct. The flowing flock of birds are hand drawn and easy to replicate.

The 'Borrows' comes from the 'borrow pit', where big machines excavate gravel, clay and sand used in construction projects.

Community activism logo

Common Sense is a Fernandina Beach, FL group dedicated to tax and spending reform by the local government.

I always look for graphic devices that will get the viewer quickly to the central idea. The cents sign works at a number of levels. The simple color palette makes for easy use.

Market Model Advisors logo

The last name of my client begins with a V, and the corresponding Morris code was a simple, elegant solution.

I have to confess that the Market Model Advisors logo, came to me after talking to a friend about learning Morse code when I was a Boy Scout.

Short tech side trip

The conversation about 'tech we don't use or need anymore' followed a visit with a techy, code writing friend to The French Cable Station, an historic telegraph station museum on the southeast corner of Cove Road and MA 28 in Orleans, Massachusetts. It was built in 1891 and the company installed numerous cables in Cape Cod throughout the late 19th century.

The historic French Cable Hut in Eastham, MA at Nauset Beach Light

The French Cable Hut [above], a few miles away in Eastham, MA at Nauset Beach Light was the end point of the transatlantic telegraph cable from Cape Cod to France.

Word of Lindbergh's landing at Le Bourget Field in Paris came to the US via this cable hut.

The info above has nothing to do with my logos, but reminded me that tech moves quickly. What was a necessity 100 years [or even 25] ago has disappeared today.

Landscape contractors logo

This Riverside Landscape Contractors brand is over 20 years old and still a memorable coastal Florida brand.

The hand drawn Monstera leaf (from my own yard as I recall) is a lush example of how homeowners and developers on the coast see their own lush landscape.

A common problem of long surviving logos is design creep by the client's vendors. Even the client gets tired of seeing the same image on company trucks. The vendor art departments are happy to provide 'improvements' for the design. They add drop shadows, change fonts, etc. It can get ugly quickly.

Years ago I saw this logo on the side of a truck with an added big black border around the Monstera and type. I called the client and asked him to ask his vendor to knock it off. They did (briefly).

Library system logo

Identity developed to provide tools for library visitors to use, including photos, video, and 3D printing.

This logo was simply fun to do. Nice font alterations, color treatment, and the intersecting dots converging with the thick green border.

Video meeting logo

What is the goal of every video meeting? A perfect meeting, of course!

Perfect Meetings competed with big national video conferencing companies in the years pre-Covid. The logo worked well in advertising, displays, signing, on-line, and printed materials.

Community banking logo Prime Bank

The hand drawn nautilus is a metaphor for building wealth and stability.

I've always liked this logo for it's simplicity and elegance. It worked well on everything from checks, signs, brochures, and uses online.

Island Fitness logo

I wanted to express the joy of feeling good about yourself and avoid the six pack, muscle bound for men and perfect female bodies for women.

Field Manor historic site logo

Field Manor is a 40 acre historic site on Merritt Island, FL in Brevard County.

I've alway thought that original artwork speaks at a higher level than mechanically produced devices.

Brush strokes seemed like an elegant and organic way to tell the story.

Granted, there's a lot going on with this logo, but once the viewer 'gets it' by visiting the property and making their way down the long dirt road, past the trees, and up to the 1880's home sitting just offshore from the Indian River, the design will be difficult to forget.

Practice and case management company SmartAdvocate logo

A very aggressive legal case management company, SmartAdvocate wanted a simple and direct logo that would work everywhere and on everything.

Someone asked me why I didn't include a graphic device of some sort as a part of the design. I replied that I try to avoid 'complicators' within logos. Their audience was the legal market, so 'Advocate' was simple to understand, and 'Smart' implies that the advocate is, well, quite smart.

What I didn't want to do however was create a graphic device that made the reader/viewer wonder and minimize what SmartAdvocate is all about. File folders, justice scales, and robed judges wouldn't work. Too ordinary and over done by almost everyone in the legal business.

Using only the letters S and A in a fancy stylized graphic would require the reader/viewer to take an additional step in approaching and figuring out the brand. They would need to ask themselves, "what's this SA about?" So why not remove the extra step and just use the entire name of the company? Simple typography and color tells the story quickly (and smartly).

Travel to Mars with Spaceola

Spaceola has proven popular. Visit

Spaceola's logo has a retro appeal that is used colorfully, attractively, and repeatedly on both Mars and Earth. The creator of Spaceola has yet to hear from Messrs Musk, Bezos, and/or Branson about licensing the name (which seems obvious to me, the lowly designer). He is reportedly patiently awaiting an offer.

Developer logo; deer lakes

This logo for a large residential development in Brevard County, Florida tells the deer story twice -- both visually and typographically --
which breaks my general rule about restating the obvious.

But, I wanted motion in the logo, not just static type (no, not simply italic). The deer drawing allowed me to tie the words together graphically. And I thought the water ripples was a nice touch.

Community activism

"Community Riverfront Initiative" is a mouthful. The org needed a quicker way to get the attention it needed. I suppose I could have used a common boat, sail, compass, or sextant as my design device, but I thought it would be too dull and predictable. The international maritime signal flags seemed like a good graphic solution.

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