New logo and identity?

I've been working closely with successful clients since 1985.

Together, we've developed creative ideas for new company names, logos, messages, and identities.

Herbeck Dental :) identity and advertising

This dental office is undergoing a family transition to new ownership. The promise of a big smile and good teeth for life was the simple concept. It's an easy to apply logo; everything from signing, printed materials, web site, and social media.

Model Market Advisors logo and identity

One of my favorite and intriguing logos (the owner's name starts with a V, and the logo is Morris Code) the Model Market Advisors logo was aimed at a very narrow, very smart, audience.

Borrows West Community Logo + Identity

Logo and identity for a large Viera Company project in West Brevard County.

Brand for a North Florida community action committee

Common Sense is a Fernandina Beach, FL group dedicated to tax and spending reform by the local government.

Library Digital Inspiration Center logo

The Digital Inspiration Center was developed to provide a variety of tools for library visitors to use: Photos, video, 3D printing.

Perfect Meetings logo and identity

What is the goal of every video meeting? A perfect meeting, of course! Hi-tech video conferencing company before Covid-19.

Prime Bank Florida logo and identity

The nautilus image is an effective metaphor for building wealth and stability through their bank locations in central Florida.

Riverside Landscape Contractors logo and advertising

This logo is over 20 years old but is still a compelling brand for this company .The Monstera is the perfect symbol for a well installed and maintained Florida property.

Deep Roots Landscape Contractors logo and brand

This bright. young company wanted a large-than-life image to get attention and new clients statewide. It was applied to their trucks and equipment, and shown in advertising and social media.

Florida's Central Pro rebranding and reimagining

Working with the owners, we renamed and rebranded their business to better reflect their 2019 lines of business.

Political graphics for a local commission campaign

A little bit of creativity goes a long way in campaign graphics, particularly in a packed field.

Island Fitness logo and location signing

I wanted to express the joy of feeling good about yourself and avoid the old muscle bound and flat belly clichés.

SmartAdvocate logo

A very aggressive legal case management company, SmartAdvocate wanted a simple and direct logo that would work everywhere and on everything.

Deerlakes Residential Development Logo

Residential real estate project logo

Modern Church Symbol & Identity

This progressive Vero Beach church desired a symbol to express their universality of thinking and belief.

Sir Pizza franchise logo

The objectives were simple: make it easy for franchisees and company stores to reproduce their logo as well as make it immediately evident what they sold to the public.

Dean Mead Logo and Marketing Identity

Logo and identity for large Florida law firm with offices throughout the state.

Large Design & Engineering Firm

Original design of the BRPH logo for this international design and engineering firm

Cape Cod Restaurant & Raw Bar Logo

Simple typography and design element in combination with seafood graphics tell the full story about this restaurant

Large Commercial Printing Company

Identity for large Florida color printer.

Non-Profit Library Foundation Logo

This non-profit library extension had modern ideas. They needed a modern look.

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