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I've been closely working with national personal injury firms like yours since 1985.

Together, we'll develop brochures, direct mail, email, and advertising.

National Personal Injury firm Covid-19 advertising

Advertising directed at personal injury lawyers nationally as well as the state of Florida.

Serious injury newsletter to Personal Injury lawyers

Publication about drug and medical equipment cases mailed to personal injury attorneys.

National advertisement for Florida cruise ship injury cases

Advertisement to Personal Injury lawyers asking them to co-counsel with this Florida firm on cruise ship injury cases.

Annual business development newsletter

16 page full color newsletter mailed to attorneys nationwide. I've done this publication for my Florida client for over 20 years (and illustrated the stories for this issue).

Florida Personal Injury firm brand advertisement

If you read Trial Magazine, The Florida Business Journal, or Florida Business News, you've seen this full-page advertisement. Oranges in all their forms and uses is the continuing branding vehicle for this Florida firm

Michigan State-wide Personal Injury Firm Direct Mail

Powerful direct mail package for Michigan auto accident firm.

Personal Injury firm brochure for national personal injury firm in NY

Developed the concept and visual theme for this case marketing brochure.

Law Firm Social Media

Worked with client and social media company to revamp landing pages.

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